ASHRAE Standard 52.2

ASHRAE Efficiency Ratings Provide New Method Of Measuring Filter Performance

The new ASHRAE Standard 52.2 provides the first industry accepted procedure for measuring filter efficiency by particle size.

The need for a more precise measurement of a filter's ability to remove specific particle sizes has become more critical as concern over indoor air quality, respirable particles, as well as protection of products and processes, has continued to grow.

Standard 52.2 Supplements Standard 52.1

Standard 52.2 is not intended to be a replacement for standard 52.1. Both will continue to be relied upon as the industry accepted measures of filter performance. The arrestance and dust holding capacity data provided by Standard 52.1 will remain as valuable performance characteristics. However, it is anticipated that as the fractional efficiency test (52.2) becomes more widely understood and accepted, the atomspheric dust spot efficiency test (52.1) will no longer be utilized.

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