Bonnet Style Air Filters

PreVent Bonnet Style Air Filters

Protect equipment motors, workers and products from harmful dust and contaminants with bonnet style equipment protection air filters. Available for use on circular fan guards, ventilation exhausts or air intake openings to prevent possible contamination from dust, dirt, thread, lint and fibers. These fan filters contain 1 layer of washable electrostatic polypropylene media is custom sewn with elastic cloth binding to fit over any sized fan guard grill or forced air ventilation opening. Approximately 1/8" thick, bonnet can be made in any size diameter. Black polypropylene media is UV protected and can be used for outdoor applications. White media is FDA approved for food processing applications and works well to meet AIB Food Safety audit and inspection dust collection & filtering device requirements. Additional media (non-woven polyester or foam) can be added to the filter configurations to increase arrestance efficiencies. Pull tabs and drawstrings can be added for easy access or velcro closures for wrap around style filter. 4 styles are available:

  • BONNET - Circular Fan Guards
  • FANGUARD - Protects Backside of Fan Air Intake
  • VENTCAP - Square or Rectangular Wall Vents
  • SOCK - Drop Down Ceiling Vents

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