Airport Air Filtration

Pollutants of concern in an airport setting are similar to those in industrial areas and near freeways. Airports have additional pollutants from unburned hydrocarbons generated from jet exhaust, as illustrated in the chart on the right.

Effective airport filtration requires a combination of standard ASHRAE grade filtration along with a carbon adsorbant. The adsorbant will be used to remove the VOC’s, hydrocarbons, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The ASHRAE grade filters remove coarse particulates to extend the life of and increase the efficiency of the carbon adsorbant. Filtration design in the airport setting should:

  • Remove jet fume odors from outdoor ventilation air.
  • Bring the quality of outdoor ventilation air to NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standard).
  • As a minimum, bring the concentration of internally generated contaminants down to the level equivalent of 20 cfm/person clean outdoor air (ASHRAE 62-89).