Indoor Gun Ranges

Air filtration in indoor gun ranges is of great importance. The amount of lead (Pb) in the air is an OSHA-regulated issue. Not only are there dire financial consequences for failing to adequately provide clean air, but the health of the shooters, employees, and their families is at stake as well. Lead is extremely hazardous, and it’s important to filter it out of the system.

From pre-filters, carbon filters, secondary filters, and HEPA filters, our solutions offer extremely low-pressure drop and high dust holding capacity – important in a heavy dust loading environment such as a gun range – ultimately leading to lower energy costs and prolonged filter life. Whether a range possesses an energy efficient, recirculating ventilation system or a 100% supply air system, the air needs to be filtered before circulation, recirculation, or exhaustion.

We firmly believe that we have the best filter solutions for providing clean air to both patrons in the gun range and the environment outside.