Food Packaging

Food Packaging Air Filtration

Air filtration in food processing is one of the most important and far-reaching applications, and not just because of the potential financial ramifications that could result from contaminants infiltrating the process. More importantly, millions of people’s health and well-being could be affected, which is why it is such a highly regulated industry.

Knowing how delicate and far-reaching food and beverage processing is, fully complying filters to serve the industry at every point in the process. Whether a benign or ultra-sensitive part of the food production process, ourfilters will keep the plant’s air clean, comfortable, and contaminant free.

Our portfolio includes products with anti-microbial treated media and corrosion resistant frames to ensure that there is no filter breakdown that could lead to bacteria growth or leakage. We work with well-known food and beverage processing companies that make everything ranging from snack foods, candy bars, frozen foods, beverages, and canned foods.