There is perhaps no place where clean air is more important than in the hospital and healthcare setting. Maintaining high indoor air quality might very well mean life or death. Hospitals, operating rooms, dentists, medical offices, morgues, waiting rooms, cafeterias, research centers, veterinary offices, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare applications provide challenging designs to meet all the requirements to protect patients, visitors, and staff from a broad range of airborne hazards.

We manufacture air filters for all healthcare applications, ensuring that infectious bacteria, pollen grains, dust, and fungal spores do not contaminate the air supply. Air quality takes on even more importance as patients in hospitals and other facilities are more inclined to have compromised immune systems, making them more vulnerable to infection.

In addition to protecting people from airborne bacteria, proper filtration in healthcare is necessary to protect equipment and processes. Both standard HVAC filters and gas phase filtration should be used to critically evaluate and solve any potential air quality concerns.

We have worked with facility managers to help provide clean air solutions in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, dentist offices, and operating rooms. Still, it is important to note that using the most effective and efficient air filters in healthcare is only part of the overall air quality management in these environments.