3000 Series


This product has all the characteristics of the 3000 Series, but is designed to hold up to twice the overspray before changing is required. This double service life makes this series ideal for high production applications and wherever a large volume of coating is applied in a relatively small booth space. This longer service life results in less down time, fewer changeovers and greater economy. Rolls or pads are used in tandem. The product is ideal for heavy, tacky coatings or slower drying finishes, but it is not recommended for quick dry lacquer type coatings.


PA Model: 3000 Series Spra-Gard High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestor

RP Part #: 3032 Single Layer (20”x20”)

Number of pads in series: 2


Paint Description: High Solids Baking Enamel (S.W. #1 Permaclad 2400, red)

Paint Spray Method: Conventional Air Gun at 40 PSI

Spray Feed Rate: 143 grains/min. 135 cc./min.

Air Velocity: 150 FPM


Initial Pressure Drop of Clean Test Filter: 0.03 in. wg

Final Pressure Drop of Loaded Test Filter: 0.27 in. wg

Paint Holding Capacity of Test Filter: 2244 grams = 4.9 lb.

Average Removal Efficiency of Test Filter: 99.22%

The 3000 Series is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 18, 2024