Series S was developed as a solution to the higher efficiency challenges that coating sprayers deal with on a regular basis. This product combines the proven effectiveness of RP Paint Arrestors with a proprietary media to achieve over 99.95% efficiency. Additionally, Series S boasts an initial pressure drop of only 0.17 inches of water gauge. (Available in Series 3000S, 3100S, 3200S, 3300S, 3400S, 3600S, 3700S)


PA Model: Series S Standard High Efficiency RP Paint Arrestor

RP Part #: RP Pad (v.3) (20”x20”x 3/4”)

Number of pads in series: 1


Paint Description: High Solids Baking Enamel (S.W. #1 Permaclad 2400, red)

Paint Spray Method: Conventional Air Gun at 40 PSI

Spray Feed Rate: 143 grains/min. 135 cc./min.

Air Velocity: 150 FPM


Initial Pressure Drop of Clean Test Filter: 0.17 in. wg

Final Pressure Drop of Loaded Test Filter: 0.50 in. wg

Paint Holding Capacity of Test Filter: 929 grams = 1.7 lb.

Average Removal Efficiency of Test Filter: 99.92%

Life is too short to live without the SERIES S. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024